For working professionals with little time to spare, retaining the services of a personal grocery shopper can relieve a significant burden. Going to the grocery store every week to restock on fresh produce and meat can be a grind, especially when that time could instead be spent relaxing or with friends and family.

Why should you waste hours at the grocery store every month when I can do it for you?

I’ve been told many times that I can make plastic look delicious, and while I wouldn’t recommend eating plastic, I can guarantee you that my food tastes as good as it looks! And with my Persian heritage, I can share with anyone who is interested the richness and diversity of Persian cuisine.

I offer my clients a number of services, from buying groceries to washing, cutting and packing fresh fruits and vegetables. The following is a complete list of what I can do as your personal grocery shopper:



  • ·Providing nutritional and menu advice
  • ·Helping plan grocery lists
  • ·Buying groceries
  • ·Washing and cutting fresh produce
  • ·Packing and storing food
  • ·Preparing meals (for a select number of clients)



In addition to the services I offer as a personal grocery shopper, I also have an infectious personality and a true passion for all things food. I hope I have a chance to share that with you soon! Please contact me for more information.





My name is Nellie Christine and I’m a self-proclaimed food whisperer. I love eating out, trying unfamiliar restaurants and experimenting in the kitchen. In addition to being a total foodie, I also do personal grocery shopping and cooking for families who are short on time.

So answer the phone, because I’m going to be YOUR food-e-call!

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