Hiho Burger, Santa Monica

Hiho Burger, the newest burger joint to hit Santa Monica is creating waves with their intensely curated menu. Their concept is to do one thing, but do it well.....really well. Founders Matt Levin, Jerry Greenberg, Ajay Sahgal, and Lowell Sharron tried just about every type of grass fed beef, and Wagyu came out on top. 

There are burgers on the menu: The Hiho Burger, The Classic Burger....and I'll stop right there because those are the only two you need to concern yourself with. Both are made with a 1/3 pound of 100% grass fed Wagyu beef and American cheese. The Hiho burger is where its at though, with its topping of bread and butter pickles, mustard, ketchup, and a layer of a SWEET ONION JAM. No, this is not your typical burger. 

The beef itself comes from a farm in New Zealand...you know the kind where all the animals have a name, and from what I'm told, are on a strict grass only diet. No grains here my friend. 

Which, is probably why the burger had the cleanest beef taste I've ever had. It's hard to describe what that is like, but imagine beef without that strong beef flavor. It made me think, "hmm....is this what burger meat is supposed to taste like?" Meaning everything else that has that strong beef flavor just doesn't seem right when you know the best of the best tastes clean like this one. 

All I know is I loved it. My sister loved it. My husband loved it. OH, and did I mention the other perks? Homemade Key LIme and Banana Cream Pie. I tried the banana cream and it was so delicious, not too sweet, and totally had that homemade feel to it. The chocolate milkshake tasted like a really fancy adult milkshake in that it had a rich chocolate flavor and not too sweet (just the way I like my dessert). 

A burger and fries will only throw you back $9.75. All in all, would I go back? Yes. Would recommend it to others? Hells yes.

Try it out for yourself and check out the little video I made to chronicle my visit. Let me know what you guys think!

Until next time foodecallers!

Hiho Burger.jpg