Amrut Sagar, Bandra West, Mumbai

On the corner of Hill Road and Globis Street in Bandra West, there is a busy little restaurant serving only vegetarian food called Amrut Sagar.  Here, they are known for their Dosa’s, which are very large and round crunchy crepe and tortilla-like hybrids.  You can get them plain or filled with vegetables.  There are over 20 different options.  They are served with two types of sauces that are eaten with the Dosa.  One in particular that differed from anything I’d tried before is the coconut chutney (great for coconut lovers).  To drink, I ordered a lime-flavored soda called Limca, which to me tasted more like grapefruit.  For dessert, I ordered a wild concoction called falooda.  You may recognize that name if you remember my posting about “palda” aka “faloodeh.”  It’s their version of the same dessert except I’ve never had it served up like this before!  There are different flavors, and we happened to order the Kesar flavor, not knowing what it was.  I later found out Kesar is saffron.  The falooda dessert was layered with the noodles at the bottom, ice cream, whipped cream, gelatin-like seeds that I still have no idea what they were, surrounded in a saffron flavored cream for taste and for that yellow color that you see.  Next it was topped with whipped cream, rose syrup and cashews.  It was a very interesting combination.  If you are a lover of saffron, then I HIGHLY recommend this particular dessert simply for the uniqueness of it.  Otherwise, I would at least get a different flavor if you are ever in India.

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