Dad’s Macaroni And Cheese

I was afraid I’d leave Canada before having one of my absolute favorite dishes my dad makes but luckily at the last second, for my last meal, just before I left for the airport, they made me my dad’s recipe for macaroni and cheese.  It is made with chicken and topped with black pepper.  This is something I grew up eating and if you knew what went in it you’d probably think it’s a little unconventional for mac’ and cheese. Regardless, any mac’ and cheese that I try rarely beats this recipe, as simple as it is.  The funny thing is that NO MATTER WHAT I try, it never quite tastes the same when I make it on my own. To tell you the truth, I don’t know for sure what makes it so good, but I think it has to do with his secret ingredient.  This is, yet again, another meal I have to return for in order to have.

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