Being in India, I really wanted to see if a chicken sandwich at Mcdonalds here would taste the same as the ones back home.  Was it a sight to see or what?! It was packed with people just pouring in.  There were some familiar options and some new ones as well like the McSpicy Paneer sandwich.  I was really craving a McChicken sandwich, but was torn when I saw the Chicken Maharaja Mac.  It’s basically their version of a Big Mac since beef is not commonly served in India.  My stomach was saying go for what I’m craving, but my adventurous side was telling me to try something new.  Naturally, I ordered the Chicken Maharaja Mac.  To be quite honest, I was not really happy with it.  In fact, I could not finish it, which is VERY unlike me.  The fries and chicken nuggets were pretty much the same as usual.  I later tried the spicy McChicken sandwich and THAT was tasty.  If I’m ever in the mood for McDonalds again, I would definitely get that next time.

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