Art On A Plate: Red Medicine, Beverly Hills


Red Medicine

8400 Wilshire Blvd.

Beverly Hills, CA 90211

Beautiful and artistic creations is what you’ll find at Red Medicine. The pictures on their website are absolutely breathtaking.  The visual presentation with the edible flowers and overall creativity are unlike anything I’ve ever had before.  The food itself is Vietnamese inspired, although it is not your traditional Vietnamese food.  I have to admit though, besides the visuals, freshness and creativity, I was not at all pleased with the actual taste of the food. My sandwhich, the Heritage Porkbelly glazed with vinegar and malted barley was unique but I was not a fan of the taste at all.  My friends noodle dish was also very plain because it only had a little bit of chicken and vegetables, and the rest was all cold noodles with no sauce or flavor.

Let that be your warning. With that said, is there a reason to go there still? The answer is yes, because the appetizers and drinks are incredible and will still be an experience all on its own, I just don’t recommend the entrees.

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