Katana, West Hollywood


West Hollywood, CA


I absolutely love coming here.  The ambiance is everything. Dimly lit, very romantic, but also great for a night out with friends. In short, it’s perfect for any occasion. My favorite part is the beautiful outdoor seating area that oversees Sunset Blvd. — cool lights, LA vibe and great for people watching and celebrity sightings.

They have some nice drink and sake options, and so far I’ve never been dissatisfied with the food. The white lotus is one of their popular orders and I can see why, it was delish! Overall their sushi was very tasty and fresh.  I also love their shishito peppers. This time, we ordered two desserts for the three of us, and they were instantly devoured, albeit they were not small. Not interested in eating? Its totally cool to just get drinks at the bar.

Best of all, its open late so its great for a last minute option. I’ve been there several times myself, both in small groups and once in a group of 20+. They do have private dining rooms if you’re ever looking to celebrate your birthday here.  If you’re an LA native and you’ve never been, it is absolutely worth trying!

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