Le Diplomate Cafe, Irvine

Le Diplomate Cafe

4237 Campus Drive

Irvine, CA 92612

So, most of you may know that my favorite sandwich place is Bay Cities Deli, but this next sandwich in particular is pretty darn good too.  Although, it’s not nearly as creative.  Le Diplomate Cafe is located near the UC Irvine campus, and is apparently a very popular place among college students.  What makes all their sandwiches so good is their garlic sauce.  I swear, garlic makes everything taste better.  But to be perfectly honest, if you ask me, I’d say their garlic sauce is really nothing more than just mayo and fresh pressed garlic (which anyone can make!).  Not something you want to eat very often, but good enough that we drove 25 min one way just to have it. That’s a true foodie right there! I have to admit it was worth it to have once, but certainly something I can make at home next time.

Garlic Chicken Sandwich

Garlic Chicken Sandwich

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