Monster Thai, Sherman Oaks

Was running around, doing errands, getting a car wash, ya know…and came across this tiny little Thai restaurant.  I’m obsessed with Thai soups and this one was da bomb!  Also ordered Thai iced tea, beef & broccoli, and Pad Thai (a classic). If you don’t like peanuts, be sure to let them know when you place your order or else they’ll add it to practically everything! I like that they didn’t use too much oil. Overall, I felt the quality was really good especially in comparison to the price. Actually, now that I’m looking at the pictures, I know what I don’t like about this place. I didn’t like how the broccoli wasn’t covered in the sauce.  I like my food really saucy but, like I said, this was more on the healthier side.  By the way, this was enough to feed two people with a little left over as well.

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