Pitfire Artisan Pizza, North Hollywood

Pitfire Artisan Pizza is essentially “rustic, fire singed pizzas.”  It was an unexpectedly nice restaurant nestled on the corner of Lankershim Blvd.  I went there for lunch on a really nice day and sat on the outside patio.  In fact, I believe they only have outdoor seating so I would definitely save this for a nice day, at least at the North Hollywood location.  I tried their soups, salad, and pizzas, all of which were good.  I felt like everything erred on the healthy side, so if that’s your thing, than definitely go here for some really good options. Unfortunately for me, because I went with my mom (a health nut), she didn’t let me get the pizza that I really wanted with all the meat and stuff but otherwise, it was a great pizza.  Just from the pictures alone you can see how rustic looking the crust is.  Try it for yourself!

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