Rincon De Guyabitos, Los Angeles

Rincon De Guyabitos

735 S Atlantic Boulevard

Los Angeles, CA 90022

We all occasionally need to get our car fixed, and my recommendation is to go to East Los Angeles, specifically on  Atlantic Blvd. The reason being is you will most likely be spending a fraction of the cost.  I’m tellin you, it is soo cheap compared to going to big name places.  And if you do find yourself out there, chances are you’ll probably have to wait a while for your car to be fixed. If you’re waiting for your car to get fixed, chances are you’ll probably get hungry. Unfortunately, most eateries out there look pretty sketchy.  This is where I come in.   I can assure you that Rincon De Guyabitos, although shabby looking, was actually really good.  Yes, I know it’s really weird that I ordered a burger when I probably should have ordered Mexican food, but I couldn’t help myself. It sounded pretty good and I was craving it from the get-go.  It totally satisfied my craving.  The salsa on the other hand…..man Oh man that was THE spiciest salsa I think I’ve ever eaten. I love spicy food, but this was on another level.  All I could do was laugh because I’m sitting across from someone, and neither of us could speak to each other for a good 15 minutes because our mouth was on fire.  So worth it though, and it has my stamp of approval.

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