Rosalind’s Ethiopian Cuisine, Los Angeles

On a mission to try a new cuisine, I came across two Ethiopian restaurants online, Little Ethiopia Restaurant and Rosalind’s Ethiopian Cuisine.  The reviews for Little Ethiopia were really good, but when we got there, it was really empty inside.  However, just a few stores down was Rosalind’s which had a good number of people inside.  I took that as a sign and went to Rosalind’s.  From the pictures below you can see that we ordered a combination plate with different meats to try.  I recommend this if you are having a hard time trying to decide what to get.  It comes on a plate of Injera, which is a flatbread that is rather spongy. It kind of reminded me of miniature rolled up carpets.  Because the plates already come with it, it may not be necessary to order a separate order of Injera.  We also ordered sambussa as an appetizer which was really good. I also loved their salad which had a very simple but tasty dressing.  Ask the waitress about their special Ethiopian wine and beer which is definitely worth trying.  I can’t say you’ll fall in love, or like it enough to go twice, but if you’re and adventurous eater and want to try new cuisines, then Rosalind’s is a great choice

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