Searsucker, San Diego



611 5th Ave.

San Diego, CA 92101

(619) 233-7327

I was looking for a great restaurant to go to, and a local San Diegoan told me that Searsucker is the place to go.  So happy I listened.  First of all, the place is very energetic and quite a hot spot.  As big as it was, it was still packed with people.  The decor was exactly my taste, very industrial.  This restaurant actually belongs to one of the contestants on Top Chef, which now explains why their menu items were so unique.

Now, for the food.  First off, they bring out their special cheddar puffers, for free, so no need to order it separately.  They were different, but in a good way.  Next, I kid you not but we ordered the “Cowboy Caviar”…which was Buffalo testicles.  What did it taste like?  Well, texture wise, if I had to relate it to something else I’ve eaten, I’d say it was a lot like eating liver, only a little softer.  Luckily they had battered and deep fried it like a chicken nugget which made it way more palettable.  Now, I don’t know if this was done on purpose or not, but they had this special fried lettuce on the side that when eaten, gave the illusion of eating curly hair. I don’t know what kind of lettuce, just the kind that feels like you’re eating hair when you fry it.  Nah, it had to have been on purpose because there are a million other things they could have put on the side, but they chose to put fried lettuce. Who fries lettuce anyway? Truthfully, I was a little grossed out towards the end of eating it, but it was worth trying at least once. Especially if you’re sharing it with others. One piece will do the trick.

The next thing we ordered was the bacon grits.  Deee-lish.  Totally worth it and so flavorful.  I would have had 2 entrees to report on but my sig fig and I got into a fight so we had to call the night short. Boo hoo!  No worries, we worked through it, lol, but not in time to have our dinner entrees of Shark and the ribeye “tomahawk.” Oh well, I guess this just means we’re going to have to go back!

If you’re looking for a place to go in San Diego, I wouldn’t waste your time looking anywhere else. This place has it all, fits any occasion, is right in the heart of the Gas Lamp district. It’s within walking distance of other bars.  Has awesome food and drinks.  Why go anywhere else?!

Bacon Grits

Bacon Grits

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