The Bear Pit, Mission Hills

Ok, went back to this place and honestly, I loved it.  The people there were so friendly  and from what I’ve been told the waitresses have worked there for 20+ years on average.
One thing you should know about this place is that their meat is all smoked, not BBQ’ed.  So it has that nice smokey flavor to it.
I ordered the hotlinks which were drizzled in this sweet syrupy sauce. I also got the spare ribs and the baby back ribs. Both were prepared just the way I like it, with the bbq sauce on the side. Personally, I LOVE it that way, and its hard to find places that do that. Usually they drench it in BBQ sauce and you can’t get a good feel for the taste of the meat.  But you have to ask for this, otherwise it will come cooked regularly with the sauce.
They also have 2 very different bbq sauces that are made by them, both really tasty. I recommend trying both.
I went there on a Friday night and it was PACKED. Plus they’ve been in business for 58 years, so that should tell you something!  The other good thing about it is that the portions are big! So you know you won’t be leaving there still hungry.


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