Everytable, Santa Monica

I had the pleasure of visiting Everytable last weekend and fell in love with their mission, which is to bring healthy and nutritious food to low income areas and price it according to the location. I strongly support that cause and that's why I went out to see what they were all about. 

The style at Everytable is Grab-and-Go. You pick your pre-made bowl. If its a hot bowl you just throw it in one of their microwaves and you're out the door! It's perfect for a healthy bite on the go without any guilt of eating fast food.

I tried the chicken tinga, the bbq chicken, and the green goddess salad. I would totally go back and buy all three again. Can't go wrong with the BBQ chicken becuase it was very flavorful, had kale which I love, and best part, these little plantains. Deelish. Not your typical meal for that price and for the convenience. I would expect that to cost $13 at some hoity toity place, if not more. Definitely recommend and will maybe even stock up next time I go as lunch for the remainder of my busy week!