Flower Child, Santa Monica

There aren't too many places that can make you stop and say "wow." There also aren't a lot of places I would go back for a second time. With so many restaurants out there, I feel like life is too short to keep going back to places you've been to....unless they're that good. 

One of my indicators of liking a restaurant is a) would I spend my dollars there and b) do I like it enough to go back a second time. The answer to both of those questions with regards to Flower Child is yes and yes. 

At the very least, I know I'll bring the health nut in my life, my mom. She's always complaining how she can't find good restaurants serving high quality food. And she is not shy to express her disdain if you take her any where that doesn't meet her standards. Sometimes, I dare not recommend a spot out of fear that I will never hear the end of it. I will say though that I am willing to take that chance on Flower Child because I have a gut feeling she'll like it. 

Now as for the rest of us who are not related to satan...

Flower Child is the bomb! Its good for people who eat meat but want the whole farm raised, hormone free ish type meat, vegetarians, or vegans alike. The meal's are usually $10, add an additional $5 give or take to add meat. So for $15 or less, you're looking at a plate with high quality organic ingredients, decent proportions, and tasty as well.

Oh, that's another thing. For being a healthy spot, their food was actually really tasty!! I went with two other people, one of which who doesn't have as open as a palette for healthy food, and even she liked it. 


Their curry was good, not my favorite dish, but still it was tasty. I would first try their other dishes before ordering this one. 

Mix and Match Plate

Mix and Match Plate

So for the mix and match, I got the gluten free mac and cheese, the steak, and Indian spiced cauliflower. I would do all three again and would recommend it to others.

Flying Avocado Wrap

Flying Avocado Wrap

For being just a turkey wrap, I thought it was a pretty darn good one and just done right. The wrap itself is house-made with whole wheat, flax, and chia seeds. Now, if you're stopping in for the first time, I'd say spend your money on the bowls, the more exotic, harder to prepare stuff. You might as well get something that is more unique to Flower Child. That's just how I roll, but if the other stuff scares you, then be boring and stick to a wrap. 

The Mother Earth

The Mother Earth

The Mother Earth plate is the MOTHER of all plates. Just look at it, I betchu can't even recognize some of the ingredients. I mean, there's just so much going on, so many components. From someone who cooks at home, I can appreciate how much time goes into making each of the items you see on the plate from the caramelized onion and shiitake mushrooms, to the chopped cucumber salad. But my FAVORITE component of all was the broccoli pesto. That was enough to win me over. One bite and I was like "wow!" I kid you not, I didn't even eat the meat on my plate, because I didn't need to. Everything else was so good on its own and I think we all know how hard it can be to make vegetables or just vegan food in general taste good. 

This plate would be my number 1 recommendation. OH, and one more must is the avocado hummus. Holy cow I think that was hands down my favorite hummus I've eaten.



This place is near the 3rd street promenade so the next time you're out there, you should totally save your appetite and go here. If you've been, are planning on going,  or go based on my recommendation, let me know! I'd love to hear if you agree with me on the food. Till next time!