CHEAT DAY LAND (CDL) pop-up museum is a celebration of the foods we all dream about and all deserve after a hard week’s workout. The interactive experience officially opened on October 1st and received overwhelming response from the public and the media, selling out several weekends in row. A Red Carpet Preview Party was held on Sept. 28 and attended by over 350 VIP guests.

CDL features 15 cheat meal-themed rooms stocked with larger-than-life food art. Guests of all ages can ride a mechanical hot dog, snap photos in a life-sized bowl of cereal, climb up a wall of donuts, try on a hamburger dress, and slide through a large poop emoji.

As you can see, I had a freaking BLAST at the Preview Party. There is so much to do and see at CDL. I was so excited when CDL decided to use one of my photos to re-create it in the magical way that they do where they take your photo and make it half animated. That photo ended up making it on their wall at the actual exhibit.

CDL has been such a success that they have decided to extend the dates through Feb 15, 2019. I definitely recommend taking the family here. Just don’t do what I did and jump into the bowl of cereal like I did, it’s not as deep as it looks!

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