Modo Mio, Pacific Palisades

Ms. Foodecall is back at it again! This time coming from Modo Mio in Pacific Palisades. Modo Mio in Pacific Palisades has that rustic quality that you notice as soon as you step inside. I was greeted by owner, George Zaoui, and we had a conversation about coming to America and putting into action the love of Italian cooking in the form of Modo Mio. Check out my video and read on to get a glimpse of my experience.


I'm sure you want to know more about the food. Modo Mio features a Northern Italian cuisine, primarily known for lesser use of sauces and lighter, healthier style of cooking.

We started off with appetizers, like the salmon wrapped asparagus. 


What I like about Modo Mio is the salad options. The one I went with is the insalata tricolore, which means 3 color salad. The insalata tricolore is made with raddichio, arugula, and belgian endive which are all three very different vibrant colors. I love salads so this was a great choice.

Insalata Tricolore

Insalata Tricolore

Below is my favorite ravioli, Ravioli Del Pollo, filled with smoked chicken and turkey. LOVED IT!!


If you want a vegetarian option, I would go with the Lasagna Verdure. It's so hearty you'll never miss the meat!

Lasagna Verdure

Lasagna Verdure

You can't go wrong with the fish of the day. This one was marinated in a delicious sauce, topped with peas and sundried tomatoes for the win, with a side of herbed potatoes and veggies. Very light and perfectly balanced. 


I don't know a lot about wine but George sure did, and he gave me lessons on what to look for when selecting and drinking wine. Visit the Modo Mio website to get a list of their wines which are also very reasonably priced, IMO.


I know, I can be really cheesy at times but food like this just instantaneously puts a smile on my face and will have me grinning from ear to ear. I loved my experience at Modo Mio and I'm so very grateful that I get to wake up and do what I love. Thank you Modo Mio!!