Roku Sunset, West Hollywood

Roku Sunset is like, THE place to get sushi in Hollywood. If you're looking for really swanky décor and ambiance with really good sushi, then check out Roku Sunset. There honestly wasn't anything we didn't like. They also have a teppanyaki room if you're into that.

Remember I said that thing about décor?

Photo Aug 09, 7 51 45 PM.jpg

You can't go wrong with an assortment of sushi. I thought it was reasonably priced considering the location and quality. I can be a little hesitant to eat certain sushi but I went for it and tried everything. Of course I enjoyed everything but there's always a few that stand out. My personal favorites were the salmon and both kinds of eel but particularly the sea eel. My husband's favorites were the toro and the uni (of course the expensive stuff...eye roll). Everything from the taste to the presentation was top notch. 

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The grand finale of course was dessert. There are two kinds of desserts that are both great in their own right. One is like the girl next door. The Jackie Kennedy. Classy, sophisticated, dependable, never lets you down. For that, go with the chocolate lava cake. I've had it many times before and I keep coming back to it because it's just so damn good!

The other dessert is the Marilyn Monroe of desserts. The flashy homewrecker with questionable substance. But man oh man is she a showstopper! I mean, you need to order this just for the IG video. It's worth the $12 or however much it costs, just for the photo op. But then you go home to Jackie.

See Below.

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That's my breakdown. As always, I would love to know your thoughts. Have you ever been to Sushi Roku? Have any favorites? Do you plan on going? Would you order dessert just for the show? Comment below.