The Crabby Crab, Sherman Oaks

The Crabby Crab is the only spot I can think of in the valley that offers a crustacean-centric menu like this one. The concept is fairly simple, first you pick your seafood. They offer a wide selection like 3 kinds of crab, lobster, shrimp, mussels, and crawfish.

Next, you pick how you want to Sauce 'Em. The three choices are as follows: garlic butter, lemon pepper, and "the crabby way" house cajun mix.  We went with the crabby way and that is THE way to go. This one was spicy and garlicky as hell, but in a VERY GOOD WAY.

Maybe it was spicy because the third step is to Spice 'Em, and we went for the hottest spice level possible...The OMG! 

So, the food came out in these bags, which were then simply poured straight onto our table and meant to be eaten just like that without plates. Don't worry, there was a clean paper table covering to hold all the goodness, 

Photo Jul 23, 4 47 10 PM.jpg
Photo Jul 23, 4 47 15 PM.jpg
Photo Jul 23, 4 47 34 PM.jpg

I love love loved the taste of the sauce. And even better was just the really interactive and messy experience that it was. I think this would make for a really fun family experience.

They have other menu items for any fussy eaters, as well as a really awesome happy hour with fun drinks. 

Photo Jul 23, 4 36 57 PM.jpg
Photo Jul 23, 4 34 10 PM.jpg
Photo Jul 23, 4 34 32 PM.jpg
Photo Jul 23, 4 35 43 PM.jpg
Photo Aug 18, 9 59 36 PM.jpg

Since this was my first opportunity to try crawfish, I went for it. But I kind of wish I had a crawfish expert sitting next to me because we were both a little confused on how to eat it. There definitely is more work involved. But the shrimp, and the Lobster were pretty much good to go. 

As I mentioned, I would recommend this place for a family outing, and NOT for date night because it is loaded with garlic so you wanna go and enjoy. Go with your family, don't try to work around the garlic. Just trust me on that one.

Would you do the OMG spice level?! Check them out for yourself and let me know your thoughts!


Nellie Christine