Evening On The Beach 2018

I had the honor of attending the Evening On The Beach event held at Jonathan’s Club on September 13th. Shoes were optional, and for good reason. The event was literally on the sand. This was THE party of the summer, with top tier food, drinks, and music. It was an incredibly beautiful day, no jacket necessary, and I had a field day going around and trying all the delicious food. With beer, wine and rosè on tap, how could you go wrong?

This event was to raise money for the Saint Vincent’s Meals On Wheels. Restaurants volunteered their time and their food for this cause. Restaurants such as Majordomo, Bavel, and Cut showcased their finest creations. Saying that everything was really good is an understatement. The creativity was simply awe-inspiring.

Of the dishes, there were several that stood out, such as the fig and cheese plate from Bavel, or the fresh oysters from Prawn Coastal. However, my FAVORITE dish of not just the night, but really my whole life, was the rabbit and bone marrow sausage from Mikkeller DTLA. I could not find this item on their menu, but if it isn’t, then I truly feel bad for those of you who won’t be able to experience this. It was PHENOMENAL. Honestly and truly one of the best things I’ve had, almost as close to the love I have for In-N-Out. It was tasty and juicy, perfect amount of seasoning. I really hope they have/bring this to their regular menu because I would go there in a heartbeat to have it again. Alright, I think you get the point.

This event had 600 supporters, and raised over $250,000, resulting in over 32,000 meals! Not only was the fundraiser a major success with raising funds, but also an overall fun and unique experience. Check out my video for a brief look into the night, and leave a comment in the section below and let me know if you would eat a rabbit and bone marrow sausage.


Nellie Christine