Ago Restaurant, Los Angeles

Ago Restaurant

8478 Melrose Avenue

West Hollywood, CA 90069

Telephone: 323.655.6333


For my friend Marissa’s birthday, a group of about 15 of us went to Ago for dinner.  Before going I did a little research and found that it is partly owned by Robert DeNiro and named after its executive chef partner Agostino Sciandri.  The restaurant had a very serene and romantic ambiance, which would make it great for a date, and yet there were so many groups of 5 or more.  Definitely very upscale and fancy.  I was also impressed by all the waiters speaking Italian to one another, and even more impressed by the food.

Insalata di Campo


My favorite of the evening has to go to the homemade meat Lasagna.  Lasagna is no easy task andnot something easily made at home on a regular basis so I usually like to order this when I go out.  Not to mention, I do love to eat hearty meals.  I have to say I was thoroughly impressed.  The sauce was fantastic and especially went well with their freshly baked bread.  Ever since I went to Italy I’ve been obsessed with Italian bread but it is so hard to find authentic Italian bread here in California.  I recommend this dish because it is delicious and really filling too.

House Desserts $10

House Desserts $10

If trying to choose between one, I’d go with the Chocolate Souffle. You could really taste the chocolate but it was so light and not too sweet, just the way I like it

Happy Birthday Marissa!

Happy Birthday Marissa!

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