What Kind of Burger Are You?



I was on my way to my favorite burger joint (In N Out), then got persuaded to try something different. It had been a while since I’d been to Fatburger and so I figured I’d go.  I actually really liked it, except I forgot to ask them not to put relish. I don’t like that stuff. I think the most exciting thing was that they had a soda machine with like a million flavors, like Peach Sprite, and Cherry & Lime Lemonade.  The burgers are good too. Real meaty. Real Tasty. Oh and if you’re trying to watch your carb intake, they’ve got a salad version as their “lettuce wrap.”  I guess the advantage of going here as opposed to In N Out  is that you have more options of what you want on your burger like bacon, eggs, mayo, relish, etc., plus their burgers patties are bigger too, of course, their prices are a tad higher.  Still, its good to switch it up sometimes.  What do you think, are you an In N Out fan, or do you prefer other meatier burgers over the taste of In N Out?

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