Panini Kabob Grill, Santa Monica

Panini Kabob Grill is a healthy mediterranean restaurant with over 14 locations across SoCal. I went here one day on a whim and LOVED it. I happened to visit the one in Beverly HIlls and loved that I can have an affordable meal, even when everything else around me costs me an arm and a leg.  But I truly enjoyed my meal and have been a fan ever since. And anyone I've introduced this place to has also become a fan.. Read on and you'll know why...

First off, their portions are quite large. Big enough to share or, what I like to do is eat half and the rest later to save me from having to cook. Their kabobs comes with grilled vegetables, rice, and salad. Their dressings are also homemade and quite delicious.

Secondly, at Panini Kabob Grill, their philosophy is to provide the best of the best and strive to take every opportunity to provide fresh, healthy, and high quality ingredients. Their chefs use organic eggs, sustainable seafood, and grass fed hormone free meat.  It's not that hard to taste the quality at Panini Kabob Grill.


The appetizer combo platter is a perfect starter for four. I love that they have an edamame and black bean hummus in addition to the traditional garbanzo bean hummus. 


Their panini's are worth trying out too! Although I almost always get kabobs, I have gotten their panini before, and to this day, my sister says it was the most memorable meal she's ever had when visiting me in California. 


The best deal of the house would have to be the family style platter which comes with your choice of rice, 3 skewers of chicken, and two large salads. For the rice, you can choose from white rice, brown rice or bulgar.  I love that they also give nice portions of salad because I hate it when you go to a restaurant and pay like $12 for 2 pieces of lettuce. That's not what you get here. It is such a great bang for your buck and very much recommended. PKG, please don't change!


If you like tiramisu, then you'll have to try the tiramisu at Panini Kabob Grill. Its so light and fluffy, not too sweet, it's perfect in my opinion. Would love to know what you think.


So that's my take on Panini Kabob Grill. If you haven't tried them out already, this NEEDS to be your next foodecall. And if you have tried them before, let me know your thoughts! Are you as big of a fan as I am? What is your go-to order? Comment below!