Sushi Sazanami, Sherman Oaks

If you're looking for a place for truly fresh sushi with exotic menu items, Sushi Sazanami is the place for that. I had the pleasure of dining there and enjoyed trying food I've never had before. As a foodie, I want to be an adventurous eater and try as many different foods from around the world. So far, the weirdest foods I've eaten is snake (but it was in a sausage so it doesn't totally count), sheeps brain, and beef tongue off the top of my head. And today, I try some more!

The first adventurous dish (for me at least) was chicken hearts!! Yes, I was a little scared to try this, but I did it. I liked the texture of it, it wasn't soft like liver, but still not necessarily my cup of tea. But I hear they are good for you so if you can handle it mentally, I say go for it!  


These are cute, spinach bundles that remind me of mini trees. As a blogger, I enjoyed trying them, I think they make a good option if you need a vegetarian option... but if money is limited, I would save it for actual sushi!


My favorite appetizer would have to go to the Octopus balls! Even my friends who are timid with trying new things really liked these too. A must order!


Baked scallops and!


Bacon wrapped asparagus, can't go wrong with these assuming you like bacon and asparagus. But it's more decorative and probably for kids who are less adventurous. As an adult, I don't see why you would order it at a sushi restaurant.


Loved their oysters. They are very particular with the oysters that they select to serve at the restaurant. The oysters are served with a ponzu sauce, scallions, and a spicy radish. 


Their baked lobster roll is one of their most popular dish that we all enjoyed.

Duck with Blueberry Sauce

Duck with Blueberry Sauce


The yellowtail you see below was one of my favorite dishes. I loved the flavor of the garlic chili, comes with a layer of ponzu sauce, and daikon radish on top for crunch. Sooo good!

Yellowtail with Garlic Chili

Yellowtail with Garlic Chili


The next most interesting thing I tried that I feel all sushi lovers would lust after is the thinly slice halibut.  We watched and captured the master chef put his knife skills to work and it was incredibly mesmerizing to watch. I felt like a real sushi veteran eating this.


I have a new found love of eel. I love that this one was slightly charred and just a really nice dish. Another favorite.



This next dish might surprise you, as it did for me. It is beef tongue stew. And it surprised me because the taste was so not what I was expecting. It just tasted like a really nice home-ey kind of stew, one that your grandmother might make. The flavors were quite delicate and not gamey at all. The beef tongue was tender. My two non-adventurous companions even liked that...that is, of course, before they found out they were eating beef tongue. But hey, their true response to it before knowing it was beef tongue was that they really liked it!


So this is one of Sushi Sazanami's specialty items...It's called the Inside-Out Egg w/ Tuna Tartar. Not for the faint of heart. I'd say you really have to know what you're doing and truly be a an adventurous sushi lover to enjoy this. But if you are a california roll gal, then this is not for you. But still quite interesting nonetheless.


Alright! So next up is something that is not on their menu...Jellyfish with what I believe to be a fois gras on top. It is sometimes served as part of their omakase. And I actually tried it!! And surprisingly, it wasn't all that bad either. 


What a fantastic meal! I'll definitely be going back. Check them out and let me know what you think in the comments section. 


Nellie Christine