London's Pub and Grill, Artesia

Get ready!!! Because the World Cup 2018 is soon approaching!  I recently teamed up with The FoodBall Network to host a few of their FoodBall: Street Edition. In these episodes, we explore the food and culture of the countries that made it to the World Cup. England without a doubt made it to the World Cup and is being represented by London's Pub and Grill in Artesia, California.  I was basically able to sample the most popular dishes from England, and even learned a thing or two about how there is a very prominent Indian population. The Indian food and culture is now so interwoven that people recognise Indian food as a main food you will now find in England.

The first dish is one recognizable by just about anyone, and is probably the most common English dish...the fish and chips. What I like about theirs in particular is how large the piece of fish is. Normally, you get a lot of breading and very little fish, but ratio of fish to breading is decent. The second thing I like about their fish and chips is that the flour comes from England! That's important because I truly believe that the wheat in Europe is different. When I go there, I don't gain weight. But if I ate the same amount here, I would have carb face for two days. Oh, and I love a thick French fry too :)


Next up is such an awesome classic and one of my favorite things to prepare for parties because it feeds so many people, and that is the shepherd's pie...Made with a layer of ground beef, and topped with dollops of mashed potato, and coated with a delicious gravy. MMMM MMM MMMMMMM! Take a look at this beauty. Don't you just wanna smash your face in it!?


The third common dish you will find in England is the bangers and mash...basically sausages and mashed potatoes. I did a little research, and if you watch the video you know that back in the day during wartime when food rationing was necessary, butchers would cut the meat by loading up the sausages with water. Then when people came to fry the sausages, it would cause the sausage to make and extremely loud sound, like a "bang!"..hence the name bangers ;)


Next up is my favorite dish of the day......the Keema Pot Pie. Oh my lord, this was one of the most incredible things I have ever eaten. It really tasted like homemade Indian food, which I've been craving because its very different from restaurant food (usually spicier). The bottom layer is a layer of ground beef or lamb mixed with peas and spices. The top was a layer of fluffy pastry and the textures of the two are just a match made in heaven.  As I say in the video, this is a MUST ORDER!!!!


If you want an authentic English food experience, London's Pub and Grill is a one-stop shop to try everything you need to try. Not to mention, it's a one stop shop to try not only native English food, but also the adopted Indian food. How prevalent is Indian food? Well, let's put it this way, Indian food along with English food can be found on practically every street corner. You can even find Indian food at English pubs! And a big shocker to me was that curry is now the national dish of England!! That is why London's Pub and Grill truly gives you an authentic taste of English cuisine, so much more than just your generic fish and chips. Check them out for yourself and thank you so much to London's Pub and Grill for all the delicious food and for letting us film our experience!