Pink's Hot Dogs, Hollywood

Pink's is surely among the most popular hot dog joints in America and a true legend since 1939. I visited Pink's on behalf of the FoodBall Network to try their polish sausages for a segment we call FoodBall: Street Edition. In this segment, we explore the food of a nation that will be in the world cup, in this case it was Poland. 

Among many things, Pink's is known for their polish sausages. What's unique about Pink's is that there are over 30 different ways that you can get your hot dog dressed with toppings. They even have a menu dedicated to some of your favorite celebrities. 


Their jaws burger is by far their most epic burger...It consists of a cheeseburger, topped with chili, and an entire polish dog. This is the mother of all burgers!


It truly was an honor to meet owners Richard and Gloria Pink. Yes, Pink is actually their last name! I love that they always wear pink too. They even gave me some pretty awesome Pink's swag in the form of a beaded Pink's purse. Its not something I would usually go for but in this case I'm actually super excited to rock! Oh, and did you happen to notice the colors of my dress, red and white striped, the same color as Poland's flag :)

Poland's Flag

Poland's Flag

How cute are they!? They made a Pink's Loves Foodecall display made from hot dogs. Well, Foodecall loves Pink's too! Thank you guys so much, you are awesome!!