The Kitchen at Atomic, Las Vegas

Atomic Liquors is the oldest free standing bar in Vegas. Been around since the 40's. During the wartime, people used to come here to watch bombs go off. It was later bought out from the son of the original owners, and during remodeling, they located a secret safe. It ended up being full of receipts, no cash, but still he overall history is actually quite fascinating. It was frequented by celebs like the Rat Pack, Clint Eastwood, and Barbara Streisand who wanted to get away from all the attention from being on the strip.

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Right next to that is the Kitchen at Atomic. I'm so happy we went because I enjoy visiting places that have a little history to them. So not only were we able to eat some really great food in a converted auto body shop, but we were able to kill two birds with one stone and visit this historic spot as well.

Its very industrial-like on the inside, and the outside patio was so adorbs!

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I could go into detail about the food, but chances are by the time you visit them, the menu will have changed by then, as they usually change up the menu every 3 months. But take a look at the pictures none the less. One menu item that usually stands the test of time on their menus is the fried half chicken. Really fantastic chicken and overall, you can tell there is a lot of care and love that went into the menu. Mind you, the pictures you see on yelp are mostly of bar food and are really old pictures. The menu has completely changed since then. Totally worth making a trip off the strip.

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Although I only love my oysters one way...with lemon, salt, and a touch of horseradish for spice, I am beginning to enjoy the very creative ways that chefs are preparing their oysters. This one was the most interesting thus far. It was steam cooked in a clay pot with tons of spices to gently infuse the aroma into the oysters. The spices include black pepper, white pepper, coriander, chili pepper, nutmeg, clove, really some stuff I didn't quite recognize. Personally I still love a cold oyster, in the manner I mentioned above, but I'm glad I got to experience this. 

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