Morels, Las Vegas

When in Vegas, do as the Veygans do, they dine at really nice steakhouses. And what better way to do than then by going to my favorite hotel in Vegas, the Palazzo and eating at Morels Steakhouse.

But I do have to say, the real reason I came here, what excited me so much, was actually the cheese and mushroom soufflé. I love chocolate soufflé, and I think the only thing better than a chocolate soufflé is a cheese soufflé. This is a must order! But keep in mind they only serve it at certain times like brunch and/or lunch possibly so call ahead to be sure.

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Chef Jose really took the thinking out of everything. I didn't even have to look at the menu. I put my trust in him and he took us on a delicious journey of which I'll never forget. From a crab amuse bouche, to scallops served in fancy shells.

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The restaurant group that owns Morels also owns Market City Caffe in Burbank, CA. I will always remember the time I went in to try their summer special and they served this incredibly fresh and delicious salad with fresh peaches. As soon as I mentioned that, they brought me two of their finest and yummiest salads on their menu. I mean, its salad and yet they make it so memorable!


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For our main dish, we went with the Tomahawk. I'm not sure why I resort to this cut of steak, maybe because its big enough to feed 2 people. Maybe it's the marbling? Or maybe it's for the photo op with the bone :) Either way, it was quite the experience. This will be my #forevermood.

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For the sides, we couldn't decide between the mac and cheese and the potatoes. So we went with both! The lobster mac and cheese was definitely more indulgent but both are perfect in their own right.


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The staff is so very attentive. You will literally feel like you stepped in and became a celebrity overnight.

Although it was really hot when we went, they do have an outside patio that you might love because it is right in all the hubub on the strip. Great place to really treat yourself.

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