Wild and Free

Wild and Free is...Rotisserie chicken with a bang! Their mission is to take rotisserie chicken and make it flavorful and fun. They have 4 different unique flavor profiles: Smokey, Wild, Savory, and Original. But being the phatty that I am, I went straight for the fried chicken because...fried chicken. Some things just don't need an explanation. I tried three sides that day, the cous cous, crispy potatoes (triple fried, garlic, parmesan, herbs), and the mac and cheese. Of course my favorite was the mac and cheese. As our second entrée, we did the Caribbean bowl. I liked it but the rosemary did overpower the whole dish. That didn't matter to me because I like the flavor of rosemary, but just a warning to those who don't care for rosemary. Check out all the pictures below and if you've ever been, let me know what is your favorite dish at Wild and Free!

Photo Aug 10, 8 21 47 PM.jpg
Photo Aug 10, 8 22 07 PM.jpg
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Nellie Christine