The Sit Down, Los Angeles

This next place is what I recommend for a really romantic date night spot. They have the cutest outdoor patio equipped with charming tables, tea lights, and they were even showing a black and white movie in the background. It was the perfect setting! And, the food is actually really good too! The margherita pizza, the branzino, the burrata, the blood orange salad, tiramisu, and the bambolini were my basically everything? I didn’t try the steak but if I had it would probably be on this list. Honestly you really can’t go wrong with anything. I would order the dishes I mentioned for the second time around. This foodecall is a must!! Especially during this warm weather because you have to sit on the patio. Reservations on a Friday and Saturday are necessary. And ready for the good news? They’re BYOB. You’re welcome! 

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I know I said that this would make a romantic date night spot, but that doesn't mean it's not appropriate for other occasions as well. This would also make for a cute spot to go with friends if you want something more low-key and quiet, or with family members.

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These bad boy bombolinis were to die for and a must order. Even comes with a hot bowl of Nutella. Actually the tiramisu was pretty bomb too but I love anything with a donutty texture so this is my top dessert pick. My husband's top pick was the tiramisu so you can't go wrong with either one...or both!

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